hi there! thank you for taking the time to check out my site! this is where i express myself through pretty pictures and code. i've worked really hard on it but it'll probably always be underconstruction as i am extremely indecisive.

i have been lurking on neocities since march 4th, 2017 which, funnily enough, is also my anniversary with my bf oliver! it wasn't until june 2022 that i put real effort into making my own page rather than just hoarding this url.

with very basic 2014 tumblr coding knowledge, i set out on this little journey of self expression. here you will find pages dedicated to my fav kpop idols, fav video game characters, and of course a diary filled with my deepest most thoughts.

i hope you feel as cozy while exploring this site as i do, and while you're here i would love if you would sign my guestbook!