September 2022
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This is my first diary entry here so I'm not really sure what to write. My bf is visiting his best friend in new york rn so i've been incredibly bored. Been spending my whole days playing ffxiv, reading webtoons, and playing genshin. I wish i could drive so I could maybe take trips to the store once in a while or get ice cream. Better yet, I wish i actually had friends out here... why is it so fucking difficult to make friends in adulthood... not like it was ever that easy for me but still.


so im all caught up on lore olympus now. i told myself for years i wouldn't read it bc i've heard such mixed things abt it but i actually enjoyed it? it is definitely a story that needs a lot of.... critical thought.. but overall its very entertaining. it is kinda weird actually knowing the ancient myths that inspired the story tho.. like the whole story is a slow burn romance between hades and persephone and its a very wholesome romance but in the actual myth hades is persephone's uncle that basically abducted her. idk! like i said this story definitely deserves a critical mindset going in but i think if you are aware of the more problematic aspects it can still be very enjoyable. but also if you decide to read it bc of my random lil rant about it pls be aware of heavy trigger warnings for rape and abusive relationships...


my bf is coming home today!! finally!! also the other day i realized that i've been enrolled in 3 courses for the past 3 weeks and i had no idea so now im busy playing catch up and i am insanely stressed lmfao... i'm currently taking state and local politics (yuck) english 102 and art history. so far i reallyyyyy love art history it's so cool and i've always had an interest in it. also my male professor has a mug that says girlboss ??


haven't updated for a lil bit. things are going ok and im doing good in school now and even got 100% on my art history midterm!! ive also been going to the gym a lot and ive been feeling good about it! im mostly focusing on strength training rn so wish me luck with that!

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